What are game Additions

Add-ons are upgrade extras or new experiences in each game, you can find them in any game that supports VIP Bytes, transactions are made with (Euros) in the game store (Domestic), or in one of the available stores where we have published the games us (Microsoft - Google Play - Amazon)

Game support with ADDITIONS

Bomblaster 3D
Bomblaster 3D has [6] plugins and makes your game more fun
Near Advent
Near Advent has [27] plugins to explore and make your game more interesting
Mahjong Patterns
Mahjong Patterns has [1] plugins and makes your game more fun
What are Just Came Additions?

Just Came Addons are unique offers for supported games VIP Bytes that come at a random time and hold for a few days or more (Depends on each game)

Just Came

The games that support Additions are:

- Near Advent
- Mahjong Patterns
- Bomblaster 3D

and all future games that will be released from here on out

All Just Came plugins are [12]
(look for them with the VIP Bytes logo)

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